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Research & Impact

At the University of Maryland, we are equipping and empowering a Do Good generation to apply their passions and ideas to make a positive impact in the world today.

We’re not just motivating students to do good. We’re equipping them with the skills, education, experiences and resources that result in a lifelong commitment to social impact. Here's how. 

Do Good Institute Programs Do Good Institute Research Do Good Student Teams

Do Good Institute Programs

We provide education, programs and resources to empower you to make a difference for the issues and causes important to you. Explore our co-curricular and curricular programs below. 


Do Good Institute Research

Maryland Civic Health Report:

A Look at Civic Engagement in Maryland and the U.S.

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Community in Crisis

A Look at Charitable Activity and Civic Engagement in Times of Crises

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Shifting Milestones, Fewer Donors and Volunteers

21st Century Life for Young Adults and the Impact on Charitable Behaviors

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Where Are America's Volunteers?

A Look at America’s Widespread Decline in Volunteering in Cities and States

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Good Intentions, Gap in Action

The Challenge of Translating Youth’s High Interest in Doing Good into Civic Engagement

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Do Good Student Teams 

The University of Maryland is uniquely qualified to educate and inspire the next generation of community and nonprofit leaders. I believe the unique opportunities created by the Do Good programs will change the lives of students who in turn will make positive change in our State in ways we cannot even imagine.
Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. Maryland Senate President

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