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Do Good Student Teams

From after school tutoring to fighting climate change, our students are making an impact on the issues they care about. Explore our student teams by scrolling through or by using the filter feature on the right. You can search teams by issue area, Do Good involvement, and more. Each team listed has been involved in a Do Good program and/or received funding and has worked with our Institute to make a difference. 

Explore our teams

Logo for BIOKMIR

BIOKMIR is developing a point-of-care diagnostic tool to detect multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) infection.

More about BIOKMIR
Logo for BitView

BitView supports students at Baltimore Polytechnic High School by bridging the gap between exposure and STEM degree completion.

More about BitView
Logo for Chat Health

Chat Health is a nonprofit organization that is bridging the gap between college students and medically-accurate health information through accessible SMS chatbots, which use artificial intelligence to mimic human conversation.

More about Chat Health