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Maryland Civic Health Report

Our Latest Research Explores Changes in Civic Participation at State and National Levels; Finds Maryland Tops National Averages in Service, Lags Behind in Local Voting and Trust in Neighbors. 

Community in Crisis

Our May 2020 Report Explores Charitable Responses to Crises in America as COVID-19’s Lasting Impacts on the Economy and Helping Behaviors Remain Uncertain.

Shifting Milestones, Fewer Donors and Volunteers

October 2019 Research Brief Explores Shifts in Reaching, Choosing, and Acting on Milestones that Traditionally Mark the Transition to Adulthood and the Effects Giving and Volunteering. 


Where Are America's Volunteers?

Fewer Americans Are Volunteering and Giving Than Any Time in the Last Two Decades. Our October 2018 Report Examines Volunteering and Giving Trends for All 50 States and 215 Metro Areas.

Good Intentions, Gap in Action

Our Inaugural Research Brief, from March 2018, Shows Although Youth Interest in “Doing Good” is the Highest it's Been in 51+ years, High School and College Student Volunteerism Has Been Stagnant for the Last Decade.

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