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Propose and receive funding for your social impact initiative

Do Good Mini-Grants provide funding and project development coaching for student-led and student-run projects, ventures, or events that aim to create a positive social or environmental impact. Receive up to $750 to support your efforts to do good on or off campus! 

You are a great fit for Mini-Grants if you are…

  • Looking for semester-long support developing a project, venture, or event
  • Passionate about creating change for a social or environmental issue
  • Have a clear idea of an initiative that is ready to take action
  • Participating in a student-led, student-run team or organization that engages in fundraising, service, advocacy, social entrepreneurship, or other activities to Do Good
  • Looking to join a community of social advocates, innovators, and changemakers
  • Want to bolster your efforts to participate in the Do Good Challenge or be an Accelerator Fellow

Program Details

Mini-Grants is a year-long social impact development opportunity where students and teams will work with a Do Good Institute coach to develop and refine a project, venture, or event plan. In the fall semester, students can expect to meet with a coach at least twice. Following each session, students edit and revise their plan based on the feedback. Then, in the winter, spring, or summer semesters, students will independently put that revised plan into action and report back on the impact they created after the project or event concludes.  

2023 Important Dates

  • September 25: Decisions Sent
  • September 29: Orientation 
  • October 2 - 20: Coaching Session 1   
  • October 18 at 6pm: Do Good Program Participant Mixer
  • November 1 - 21: Coaching Session 2  
  • May 1: Final Impact Reports Due

2023-2024 Mini-Grantees are powered in part by the generous support of The Allstate Foundation. The Allstate Foundation empowers youth to serve and improve communities. The Foundation does this by providing youth with opportunities and resources that enable them to serve and preparing adults to support their service journey.

Learn More

Find out more information below about the Mini-Grants program, benefits of participating, eligibility requirements, application process, and more!

  • Receive up to $750 in funding to support your efforts to Do Good
  • Gain access to one-on-one coaching support with Do Good Institute staff
  • Connect with other student resources available on campus
  • Join our community of changemakers, activists, and idea creators in social impact

The Mini-Grants program is open to any individual students or student teams. The specific eligibility requirements are: 

  • Proposals must focus on addressing a social or environmental cause with a clear action plan. 
  • Proposals can be submitted by an individual or a team/organization. Teams may be new or existing (such as student organizations, fraternities or sororities, or academic programs). 
  • Applications must have a designated Lead Applicant. The Lead Applicant must be a full- or part-time degree-seeking student at the University of Maryland.
  • Lead applicants will be the main contact person for all ​Do Good communications​, notifications, and questions. ​Lead Applicants will take primary responsibility for receiving and responding to all correspondence.
  • Proposals, projects, events, or ventures must be student-led and student-run. Faculty, staff, and external partners are encouraged to serve strictly as advisors or mentors.
  • The Do Good Institute has authority to determine eligibility for all submissions. 

Students interested in Mini-Grants will need to apply using our application portal. Applications are currently closed - stay tuned for when the next cycle opens. 


Explore the tabs below to find answers to your most frequently asked questions.

You are required to attend at least two coaching sessions - one during each of the windows listed in Important Dates and Deadlines. The Lead Applicant is the only person that needs to attend both sessions, but additional team members can join the sessions. If teams would like to schedule additional sessions, they can do so, either with Do Good Institute staff or with other on-campus resources for student organization. In addition to coaching sessions, you will have to submit a final report at the end of the spring semester about how your project or event went, how the award was used, and the impact you made.

Mini-Grants are best suited for projects and events that are in the idea phase of development or are just starting to implement their ideas. This is also a good opportunity for those with established projects or events that are looking to innovate or explore something new. Teams that are further along in the implementation stage may be better suited to being an Accelerator Fellow or participating in the Do Good Challenge.

Check our Do Good Student Teams page to see the past teams that have participated in the Do Good Mini-Grants program.

Yes! If you have received a Mini-Grant in the past, you can apply again. But, the process is a little different this year. In the past, Mini-Grants has primarily been a grant award. Now, the program has been expanded and students now participate in project or event coaching in addition to the financial award. We recommend that you attend an information session to hear more about the updated program and ask any questions you might have. 

Students can receive their funding three different ways. Please refer to the SORC Financial Manual to begin to explore to read more about each option, or to start exploring if your team is new to managing finances. The options for disbursement are:  

  1. Student Organization KFS: Your organization has a KFS account that you would use to receive your Mini-Grant funds. This method usually takes 1-3 business days after you submit the correct paperwork to receive your grant.
  2. State-Issued Check: Your organization has an EIN, a W9 Tax form, and a mailing address in order to receive a state-issued check. You also have a bank account in the name of the organization (not a team member) that you can use to cash the check. This method usually takes 6-8 weeks after you submit the correct paperwork to receive your grant. 
  3. Sponsoring Office KFS: Your organization works closely with a department or office on campus that has a KFS account and is willing to receive the funds on your behalf. You have discussed this option with an advisor and/or the business manager of that office to make sure there is an understanding of how you will manage your Mini-Grant funds through their office. This method usually takes 1-3 business days after you submit the correct paperwork to receive your grant. 

You or your team may not have any of these financial options yet. Don't worry - you are still eligible to receive a Mini-Grant! We encourage you to start exploring the above options, as they are the options for you to get funding. The Do Good Institute can provide you with resources to support your exploration, though we cannot provide legal or financial advice.

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