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Preventing Sexual Assault

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Preventing Sexual Assault (PSA) is the only student organization on campus dedicated solely to protecting and uplifting survivors, as well as acting as the voice for students in all matters related to Title IX and power-based violence. The 100+ members of the group conduct education and prevention programs to create safe spaces for survivors and facilitate conversations with UMD Administration and all Greek life organizations on campus. PSA sits on the Sexual Assault Prevention Committee and Title IX Advisory Board and works toward the prevention of sexual assault on campus by combating rape culture and advocating for policies that address sexual assault. The organization raises awareness and funds through events such as the Occupy McKeldin 12-hour sit-in, which garnered 1,000+ attendees in 2021, and a "Slut Walk" to end victim-blaming, with 150+ students participating in the most recent walk.  


Hailey Chaikin
College of Arts and Humanities


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