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Sustainabli is a startup that creates B2B sustainability solutions for research labs, focusing on cost-effective fume hood management tools to reduce energy waste and carbon emissions. After a year-long pilot with 28 fume hoods in the chemistry department, the startup saved the university nearly $15,000. Sustainabli is working with campus administration on potential plans to expand their tech, which could potentially reduce UMD’s annual carbon footprint by more than 1,000 metric tons, or 1,500 MWh reduction in energy waste and nearly $100,000 in savings annually. They have raised $10,000 in non-dilutive grants, participated in three Accelerator programs, including NSF I-CORPS, and developed partnerships with the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories, My Green Lab, and three universities.


Kevin Tu
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences; College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences; Honors College (University Honors); and 2021 Do Good Challenge winner