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Provost's Do Good Innovator Awards

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Recognizing and Celebrating Passionate, Purpose-Driven Professionals at UMD 

The first-ever Provost’s Do Good Innovator Awards will recognize and celebrate the staff and faculty across UMD’s Do Good Campus who have been hard at work tackling the grand challenges of our time. 

In partnership with the Office of the Provost, the Innovator Awards will highlight the incredible members of our campus community who create, nurture, expand and amplify social impact through education, programs and research, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Every unit with a Do Good Campus Strategic Leadership Council Member will select up to three awardees per unit (up to 45 total awardees) for this recognition. Each awardee will receive $2,000 and be recognized at an event with Provost Jennifer King Rice in the spring.

Innovator Award Details


Schools, Colleges and Units with representatives on the Strategic Leadership Council will develop unit-specific nomination forms and review processes. The nominations for each unit will open later this fall and we anticipate nominations will close in mid-to-late November.

If you are interested in nominating a staff or faculty member for their commitment to social impact, have a question about this recognition, or need support, please email


Council Members and their Dean/VP SA/Athletic Director will be managing the selection process for whom to recognize in their respective school/college/unit.

The Do Good Institute has created guidelines to support the review and selection process, which encourages reviewers to make selections in line with the Core Values of this program and consider recognizing excellence that has been overlooked for awards or grants in the past.

For more information about the Do Good Strategic Leadership Council click here

  • Faculty who incorporated experiential social impact into their curriculum or academic program in an innovative way.
  • Staff who partnered with a student group and/or student community who made a substantial social impact.
  • Staff or faculty who designed and/or lead an innovative co-curricular program that makes a social impact.
  • Staff or faculty whose work made a substantial social or environmental impact.