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Change the World: Immerse Yourself in the Legacy of Terps Who Are Making a Difference

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Change the World Exhibit

On October 26, the Do Good Institute unveiled “Change the World”, an interactive exhibition on the ground floor of the new School of Public Policy. The exhibit features four interactive touchscreens that allow passersby to immerse themselves with life-size and in-depth storytelling, with overhead, holosonic speakers that make you feel as if the subject is speaking directly to you. “Change the World” tells the stories of Terps — students, faculty, and alums — who are making an impact on campus, in their communities and across the world. 

The exhibit shares the stories of the  founders, leaders and trailblazers who created projects and organizations during their time at the University of Maryland to tackle today’s grand challenges. Each story presents a question relating to their organization, like “Can cemeteries fight climate change?” which also hints at how they provided a solution for their issue. After each story, visitors can then interact with a digital interface that guides them through additional impact and history of the organization as well as browse and explore more stories of Terp-led impact. There is a QR code for each story that leads to a website to learn even more about the inaugural group of stories.  

Talented and impressive Terps tell the stories of their organizations, which can only be seen in the new exhibit: 

  • How can we be stronger than a pandemic? 
    • Audelia Community Response Team
    • Oneyda Hernandez '23, founder
  • What happens with all the leftovers? 
    • Food Recovery Network
    • Mia Zavalij ‘14, co-founder and Ben Simon ‘14, co-founder and founding executive director 
  • How do you survive the shark tank? 
    • Hungry Harvest
    • Evan Lutz ‘14, founder and CEO
  • Can recycled medications help thousands? 
    • James Hollister Wellness Foundation
    • Matthew Hollister ‘18, co-founder and CEO and Stefano Brugnerotto, co-founder 
  • Can cemeteries fight climate change? 
    • Kahlil Kettering MPM ‘15, Bezos Earth Fund Project Director, The Nature Conservancy
  • How can a bracelet free a prisoner? 
    • Press Uncuffed
    • Naomi Harris ‘17, deputy executive director, 2015–2017; and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Dana Priest, John S. and James L. Knight Chair, Philip Merrill College of Journalism
  • How did an Idaho potato transform agriculture in Africa? 
    • ROOTS Africa
    • Cedric Nwafor ‘18, CNML ‘21, founder and executive director; and Delina Peter ‘22, student president, 2019-2022
  • Can a grilled cheese really build a school? 
    • Students Helping Honduras
    • Sagar Doshi ‘15, treasurer, 2013-2014; and Ava Matino ‘24, fundraising chair, 2022-2023
  • Can a hashtag improve mental health? 
    • Students Promoting and Revitalizing Care (SPARC)
    • Anthony Sartori ‘18, co-founder and co-president, 2015-2018; and Dhara Patel ‘24, coordinator, 2022-2023
  • What happens after we dance the night away? 
    • Terp Thon
    • Christina Pace ‘23, executive director, 2022-2023; and Sashwat Venkatesh ‘24, internal director, 2022-2023

A special thank you to Local Projects and RaffertyWeiss Media for their dedication and partnership on this exhibit. 

Learn more about the exhibit and explore the inaugural group of Do Good stories on our website

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