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Nonprofit Leadership Fellows Program Nomination Form

You can nominate one or more talented nonprofit professionals you know for the Nonprofit Leadership Fellows Program, a prestigious scholarship offered by the Do Good Institute and the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland. Nonprofit Management and Leadership Graduate Certificate students who are selected for the Nonprofit Leadership Fellows program will receive: 

  • A fellowship tuition award to cover a portion of the tuition price for the four-course Graduate Certificate program.
  • Career development support including stipends for professional development, a resume-writing service, and career advancement coaching.

Nominees will receive an email notifying them of your nomination along with information about the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership

Nonprofit Leadership Fellows will be chosen based on:

  • Years of professional work experience with demonstrated leadership potential 
  • A demonstrated commitment to the nonprofit sector through professional work and/or volunteering
  • A desire to lead a nonprofit program or organization in the future
  • Continuous enrollment through completion of the Graduate Certificate program
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