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Do Good Accelerator Fellows Application

During the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters, we offer a 8-9 week fellowship program, designed to support students where they need it most, as they work diligently to increase their community impact. The Fellows program provides students the space, resources and opportunities to explore, test and scale up their initiative. The ideal student for this program is one who is in the implementation phase.

Spring 2022 Fellows Program Details

  • January 24: Spring Fellows application opens
  • February 13: Spring Fellows application closes 
  • February 22: Spring Fellows begin fellowship
  • April 22: Spring Fellowship ends 


The Spring 2021 Do Good Accelerator Fellows program consists of an 8-week program. Fellows will be required to work 5 hours each week at the Accelerator. To achieve maximum benefit from the program, it is suggested that Fellows allocate a total of 10 hours per week to work on their project. Spring Fellows will receive a $1,500 stipend during their fellowship. Up to 10 Fellows will be admitted into the cohort.

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